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Public Provident Fund (PPF) Calculator

Calculate PPF (Public Provident Fund) Maturity Amount, Total Investment & Total Interest Earned

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What is PPF Calculator?

PPF or Public Provident Fund Calculator is an online mechanism to evaluate the maturity amount to be acquired at the time of retirement by an investor. This fund is open for all Indian citizens except NRI and HUFs. PPF is one of the most lucrative savings schemes offered by the government. So, most of the people who want to have a retirement safeguard in terms of monetary facility, using the PPF calculator will definitely answer their eagerness about how their money will grow. So in simple words, PPF CALCULATOR is a tool to understand how much money the user will earn after investing specific amount of money for a predetermined period.

Why use PPF Calculator?

Well, are we all mathematic genius? No, we aren’t, right? So, calculating the PPF, considering lots of underlined factors requires great calculative ability and plenty of time. So, it is a smart move to use a PPF CALCULATOR instead of doing it manually.

Now a day, to be economically secure is a common phenomena, everybody wants to have a secure life even after retiring, and this leads to the importance of knowing the expected maturity amount. PPF CALCULATOR helps its users to make the right move way before they retire and helps to plan the right investment.

Advantages of using PPF Calculator :

There are reasons why Online PPF calculator is make a huge impact on the market,

  • Shows result within second.
  • Human error is excluded.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can plan the right investment.
  • You can an save tax.
  • Able to determine the earned interest.

Formula of calculating PPF (Public Provident Fund)

Here are the formula of calculating PPF is given, in case you want to kill your free time and trying to solve it manually.
A= P[({(1+i)^n} – 1)/i]

Here, A= maturity amount, P= principal amount, i= interest return, n= tenure of the scheme. Hope using this formula you can be able to find the right amount, if not then simply use the calculator.

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