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Calculate income tax on your earnings in a few simple steps

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Enter total rent paid in the financial year you are calculating income tax for. This is equal to the sum of monthly rent paid during the entire financial year.


What is Income Tax Returns Calculator?

Income tax is a kind of tax that is collected by the central government and levied on the people who are having a job or business. In simple way government put a certain amount of charge depending on the income level of individuals.

So, one have to submit documents regarding his income and all the taxes he pays within a financial year, this procedure is known as income tax return and if you already paid surplus taxes then the government will refund you after receiving your tax file. So it’s important to submit income tax return.

Now the real problem is how we calculate how much tax we have to pay, to lower the burden, income tax return calculator plays a significant role. Here you can easily calculate the amount that need to be pay.

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