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What is South Africa Bank Branch Code?

Branch Code of any financial institution or bank in South Africa helps to identify the particular bank & they have also assigned branch code to each bank branch to identify the specific branch of the bank. This code used to transfer money or fund between local bank account, online bank transation etc.

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Get Detailed Information of any Bank Branch in Thailand.

Or Validate Thailand Bank Branch Code 
Or Select a Bank from these
BANK OF THAILAND    1 Branches
BNP PARIBAS    2 Branches
CFG SERVICES CO., LTD.    94 Branches
CINMIT CO., LTD.    17 Branches
CITIBANK, N.A.    4 Branches
CYBER NETICS CO., LTD.    2 Branches
DEUTSCHE BANK AG.    2 Branches
K T B LEASING CO., LTD.    12 Branches
PAYSBUY CO., LTD.    2 Branches
RHB BANK BERHAD    2 Branches
T2P CO., LTD.    1 Branches
TRUE MONEY CO.,LTD.    108 Branches

General Information About Australia Bank BSB Number

What is BSB Code?

BSB Code means Bank State Branch. A BSB code is a six digit number used to identify the individual bank branch of an Australian financial institution. The first two digits is bank code, next one digit is state code & last two digits is branch code to identify the individual bank or finincial institution branch.

You can find the BSB Code by couple of different ways. You can login to your online banking portal or check the official website of your bank to find your specific branch BSB number.

What is BSB code used for?

BSB code is used for local bank account transfer not for international money transfers.

Example: Breakdown of BSB Code







Bank Code

State Code

Address Code


List of Bank/Financial Institution Codes for all Banks in Australia

Number Bank Code Bank Name
01 ANZ Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
03 or 73 WBC Westpac Banking Corporation
06 or 76 CBA Commonwealth Bank of Australia
08 or 78 NAB National Australia Bank
09 RBA Reserve Bank of Australia
10 BSA BankSA (division of Westpac Bank)
11 and 33 STG and SGP St George Bank (division of Westpac Bank)
12 BQL Bank of Queensland
14 PIB Rabobank
15 T&C Town & Country Bank
18 MBL Macquarie Bank
19 and 55 BOM and BML Bank of Melbourne (division of Westpac Bank)
21 CMB JP Morgan Chase Bank
22 BNP BNP Paribas
23 BAL Bank of America
24 & 510 CTI & CNA Citibank & Citibank NA
25 BPS BNP Paribas Securities
26 BTA Bankers Trust Australia (division of Westpac Bank)
29 BOT MUFG Bank
30 BWA Bankwest (division of Commonwealth Bank)
31 MCU Bank Australia
325 BYB Beyond Bank
34 and 985 HBA and HSB HSBC Bank Australia
35 and 980 BOC and BCA Bank of China
40 CST Commonwealth Bank of Australia
41 DBA Deutsche Bank
42 and 52 TBT Commonwealth Bank of Australia
45 OCB OCBC Bank
46 ADV Advance Bank (division of Westpac Bank)
47 CBL Challenge Bank (division of Westpac Bank)
48 or 664 MET or SUN Suncorp-Metway
512 CFC Community First Credit Union
514 QTM RACQ Bank
517 VOL Volt Bank
533 BCC Bananacoast Community Credit Union
57 ASL Australian Settlements
61 ADL Adelaide Bank (division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank)
611 and 823 SEL Endeavour Mutual Bank
630 and 637 ABS and GBS Greater Bank
632 BAE B&E
633 BBL Bendigo Bank
634 UFS Uniting Financial Services
638 and 880 HBS Heritage Bank
639 HOM Home Building Society (division of Bank of Queensland)
640 HUM Hume Bank
641 and 647 IMB and AUB IMB
642 ADC Australian Military Bank
645 and 656 MPB and BAY Auswide Bank
646 MMB Maitland Mutual Building Society
650 NEW Newcastle Permanent Building Society
653 PPB Pioneer Permanent Building Society (division of Bank of Queensland)
654 ECU Queensland Country Credit Union
655 ROK The Rock
659 GCB G&C Mutual Bank
676 GTW Gateway Bank
70 CUS Indue
721 HCC Holiday Coast Credit Union
722 SNX Southern Cross Credit Union
723 HIC Bank of Heritage Isle
728 SCU Summerland Credit Union
777 PNB Police & Nurse
80 or 670 CRU or YOU Cuscal
812 TMB Teachers Mutual Bank
813 CAP Capricornian
814 CUA Credit Union Australia
815 PCU Police Bank
817 WCU Warwick Credit Union
818 COM Bank of Communications
819 IBK Industrial & Commercial Bank of China
824 STH Sutherland Credit Union
825 SKY Big Sky Building Society
833 DBL Defence Bank
882 MMP Unity Bank
888 CCB China Construction Bank
90 APO Australia Post
911 SMB Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
913 SSB State Street Bank & Trust Company
917 ARA Arab Bank Australia
918 MCB Mizuho Bank
922 UOB United Overseas Bank
923 or 936 ING or GNI ING Bank
931 ICB Mega International Commercial Bank
932 RAB Regional Australia Bank
939 AMP AMP Bank
941 BCY Delphi Bank (division of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank)
942 LBA Bank of Sydney
943 TBB Taiwan Business Bank
944 MEB Members Equity Bank
951 INV BOQ Specialist
969 MSL Tyro Payments