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What is South Africa Bank Branch Code?

Branch Code of any financial institution or bank in South Africa helps to identify the particular bank & they have also assigned branch code to each bank branch to identify the specific branch of the bank. This code used to transfer money or fund between local bank account, online bank transation etc.

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General Information About Brazil Bank Number / Numero do Banco / Código de Compensação do Banco & ISPB Code

What is Brazil Bank Number or Código COMPE?

The Brazil Código COMPE (Code for the System of Monetary Transactions and Clearing of Other Papers) or bank number is a three digits numeric unique code that helps to identify a particular bank or financial institution.

This Numero do Banco or Código COMPE helps to identify which bank holds a specific account.

What is Brazil ISPB Code?

TThe ISPB Code (Identificador do Sistema de Pagamento Brasileiro / Brazilian Payment System Identifier) used to identify banks through the reserve transfer system of the Central Bank of Brazil.

ISPB is an eight digits numeric code & this code used in the same way as the shorter bank code, to guide payments to the right recipient account such as clearing of Brazilian bank cheques, TED (Available Electronic Transfer) and DOC ( Credit Order Document) payments.